Bridge installation at Gravel Bank

Bridge installation at Gravel Bank

A couple left stranded when a lorry reversed over a bridge to their home, causing it to collapse, have had their access properly restored.

A new permanent road bridge connecting Graham and Alex Tooth’s bungalow in Gravel Bank, St John Fen End, to the main road was lifted into place last week, and is set to open for use from today.

The couple were cut off when a heavy lorry reversed over the old bridge and caused it to collapse last November.

A temporary footbridge over Mill Basin was installed a month later, but it meant a ten-minute walk over the bridge to get their car from a neighbour’s house.

Mr Tooth said: “We were pretty limited to what we could do, and at 80-years-old it wasn’t an easy walk.  “Alex would walk to get the car and then pick me up on the other side of the bridge.”

Now the couple are looking forward to getting back to normal following the installation of the stronger permanent bridge by Chas D Allflatt Ltd.

Mr Tooth said: “It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Installing the bridge


The finished bridge